Our company was founded in 2011. Our vision and guideline at Vakakis Wines is to create a limited number of bottles of high quality wine.

Choosing our staple material and wine-making process is of utmost importance in making our products.

We have in parallel, tried from the start to feature little-known local wine-making treasures.

Our satisfied customers insure for us continuous growth and presence at new selling points in Greece as well as abroad. Our products can be found at selected spots on Samos.

Stages of Wine Production


The choice of grapes is the alpha and omega for our company. It is the comparative advantage over our competition. We choose the grapes considering the hygienic and territorial factors.

The vineyards of all our cooperative wine-makers cultivating the white Muscat grapes are situated at an altitude of 600 – 1000 metres.

In addition, the majority of the grapes received as well as our own are of organic cultivation.


Although we are a small company, we follow any novel methods we can apply that would result in a positive difference.


The bottled product is stored at suitale premises at stable temperatures until time of availability.

White Wine
Rosé Wine
Red Wine

Our satisfied customers are the ones who advertise our products.

Therefore, the number of customers are continually increasing in Samos, in Greece as well as abroad.