Our company, with the distinctive name VAKAKIS WINES, started working in 2011 under adverse circumstances, not only because of the financial crisis, but also because establishing a wine-producing company in Samos was not possible due to a 1934 law that obliged the entire produce of Samian vineyards to be given to the cooperative societies. The dispute of this absurd and outdated regime led us to lengthy judicial actions in Greece as well as in the European Union.

The case is coming to an enď in spite of the negative stance of the ministry in charge, which instead of supporting constructive creativity it is in opposition thus serving the Greek public office where getting votes is above all.

Therefore in this hostile environment, the company was active in wine sales until 2013, and from 2013 to the present in wine-making and selling Samian wines.

Three (3) dry (sec) wines, two (2) semi-sweet wines and three (3) (doux) sweet wines are being produced.

Our decision to follow this particular action and to bare all this hardship is based on our belief,as Samians, that this treasure that lies in Samos was not utilized as it should be by a slow-moving organization like the cooperative resulting in the serious doubt about the future of Samian vineyards.

Thus, the distinction of the unique Samoan vineyard with all its byproducts is our utmost objective because only in this way can our company have a promising future.

In addition, the philosophy of our company is the production of a small number of superior quality and highly aesthetic bottles from rare local indigenous varieties. In this way we aspire to slowly create a competitive product which will have its own clientele. We also aspire to make our wine the recognizable ambassador of Samoan wine abroad.

We already export to China, Hong-Kong, Switzerland, Germany and Holland, while extension to new markets are in our immediate plans.

In short, the comparative advantages of our company are choice grapes and the best terroir of the island, promotion of indigenous local varieties, the non-existence of loans, control of working expenses and direct decision-making.

Investment in facilities and vineyards

Our facilities are based in the area of M. Lakka, Samos,four kilometres south of the town of Karlovasi on the road towards the village of Konteika. The company lot covers an area of 8000 square metres in which, for the time being, covered premises take up 450 square metres.


4 dry wines

2 semi-sweet wines

2 semi-sweet wines



Hong Kong