Category: Varietal sweet white wine
Alcohol content: 12%
Bottle size: 500ml
Type: Sweet wine from sun-dried grapes
Year: 2015
Production and bottling:
Hatzistamatiou-Vakaki T. M.E.P.E… M. Lakka,Samos

Grape variety: Muscat Blanc – barrel
Serving temperature: 6 – 8 °C
Consumable: Allows long aging.

This wine comes from sun-dried grapes of the Samos Muscut variety and is aged for 36 months in oak barrels.

Honey-streaked orange-yellow colour in a wine with an explosive bouquet that brims over with aroma of white flowers, dried apricots and raisins with hints of cocoa and roasted coffee beans, traces of rose-flavoured marshmallow, wood and toffee.

Oily-rich on the palate, acidity to give balance and a fine delicate aftertaste.